Upgrading Home Security Systems With Cameras Gives You Additional Benefits

15 July 2015
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You're considering adding security cameras to your home system for an additional level of security. While they are useful for detecting unauthorized activity, you'll find them helpful in other areas of managing your home. Here are some of the other benefits you'll get from installing cameras (by professsionals such as those from Triton Security in Calgary) in your home.   

The Security Benefits

Surveillance cameras in your home add to your security in two ways:

  • Break-in deterrence - The presence of cameras will dissuade many burglars from trying to break in to your home. They want to get in and out quickly without being noticed.
  • Information gathering - Should your home get broken into or vandalized, your cameras will record important information that will help investigators find the burglars and your property.

Other Benefits of Your Security Cameras

Monitor activity in and around your home - If you frequently have landscapers and other workmen doing jobs at your home, your cameras help you keep an eye on their activities. You'll have a video record in case items go missing while the workers are present. The cameras may also deter such activity from happening.

Capture helpful information should you face a legal action - If your cameras monitor your property when someone slips and falls, you'll have evidence as to whether the person took the right precautions and is at fault. Without this video record, you may be responsible for the injury occurring on your property.

Check on your house when you're away - If you're out of town and hear news that severe weather is approaching your home, you can check in on it to see if your house was affected. This is more convenient than calling a neighbor and asking them to survey your property for any damage.

Giving people access to your home - Instead of giving out copies of your keys to friends and neighbors to get into your house, position cameras at the entrances so you can see people at the door. When they call, you can disable your security system and unlock the door for them to enter. Reverse the process when they leave. Current security systems which allow remote control of the alarm and locks combined with your cameras give you even more control of your home while you're away.

The additional benefits you get by adding cameras to your home security system make your home safer. You'll be more at ease when you go out of town knowing that you can check in on your house when you want to. You'll also have better control over who has access to your home when you're away.