Upgrading Home Security Systems With Cameras Gives You Additional Benefits

15 July 2015
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You're considering adding security cameras to your home system for an additional level of security. While they are useful for detecting unauthorized activity, you'll find them helpful in other areas of managing your home. Here are some of the other benefits you'll get from installing cameras (by professsionals such as those from Triton Security in Calgary) in your home.    The Security Benefits Surveillance cameras in your home add to your security in two ways: Read More 

What To Do To Maintain Your Fire Sprinkler System

9 July 2015
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If you are a building owner, you have probably heard about fire sprinkler systems and their importance to keeping your building safe from fires. So, you have installed one in your building. Now comes the important part: maintaining your fire sprinkler system. This article will go through some of the maintenance procedures that should be performed on your fire sprinkler system.  Yearly/Quarterly Fire Sprinkler Check Depending on your building, the sprinkler system will need to be checked either annually or quarterly. Read More